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Puppy Scam Website, green shield shows 48 hours after its demise.


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A friend was recently scammed by buying a puppy from starpuppies-au.com - the site has now been closed down by the people hosting it.

Do not understand how a Google Search still shows the website with a Kaspersky Green Shield Tick against it as a Safe Website 48 hours after being taken down.

OK, no more scamming on that site but it does detract from the inferred comfort that Kaspersky has checked and found website to be safe. 

There needs to be a clear warning what Kaspersky means by Safe Website.



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Hello @chris212


Checking a website for safety

Kaspersky Internet Security: URL Advisor

Also, a pinned topic by @Rodion, is discussing the grey Kaspersky icon, however, the explanation may be informative. 

There’s millions of internet scammers, however, in the case of the website in question, if their criminal activity is falsely “seducing” people into buying puppies that are not delivered, how is Kaspersky to know?  

Also, are you sure the site has been shutdown? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

@Igor Kurzin,

  • If this site was reported to Kaspersky, would the icon be changed to red → dangerous or orange - warning? 

Please contribute?

 Thank you🙏

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