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Previously opened dangerous link detected not processed


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Acidentally i clicked a website with the red shield on it after a google search (didnt mean to click it) and promptly got 3 “access denied” notifications for a malicious link with the Reason: Cloud Protection

all good until about 10 min later i get 7 (seven!) notifications from the same general URL (mostily .png and .svg acessets from the website) claiming “Previously opened dangerous link detected” with the Result: Not Processed


I’ve ran several scans with several tools and all came back clean, and KSC did not quarentined any objects.


My question is: what is the meaning of the “Not Processed” Result and should i be concerned about anything?


best regards,


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Thank you for the reply @richbuff.

I assumed was something along those lines but i wanted to make sure since i jsut recently started to use KSC.

Another quick question, why did it took 10 min. between the blocked/accessed denied event and the not processed ones? any clue?

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