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"Previous application launch failed" keeps being displayed

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I have Kaspersky Premium. "Previous application launch failed". Apparently after few minutes when Windows boots, Kaspersky crashes and opens up again and displays this error. 

And it does the same several times again during the day. It's really annoying. 

I have contacted customer support and gave them all the necessary files (dump and system info files), It's been 3 weeks and I haven't heard anything back. 

I went so far as to fresh install the latest Windows 11 (ISO on Microsoft's website), but nothing changes. I do not have any cracked software and everything I installed are genuine and properly bought. 

I thought the issue may be due to system stability, so I did a memory test overnight and did some burn-in benchmarks and there are no errors. No other program on my system acts weirdly.

 I have also tried "Kaspersky removal tool" and did another installation of Kaspersky, but the issue persists.


I am very close to uninstalling this for good, and I don't want to, I really like Kaspersky. Please help! 

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Whenever there's a new Windows update this thing keeps popping up for a week. I have sent more than 6 Reports. I just sent one while writing this reply.

Hopefully you guys get it fixed ASAP. I always liked Kaspersky and don't trust any other security company.


Screenshot 2023-10-14 124631.png

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I may have managed to solve this issue, but I'm not sure exactly how. I ran sfc /scannow and restore health online on CMD, then I tried to find the drivers for all the devices on my system that were missing drivers. I re-installed Kaspersky and turned on "background-scan". It seems stable for now.

Event logs only say Kaspersky service was stopped and restarted, there is no useful information there.


I am still waiting for Kaspersky support, as they opened a new bug tracking for me. 

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