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Phobos Ransomware/ .ADAME

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yesterday[Windows 10 64 bit] when i start my computer its look weird i can’t open any Microsoft application and other most application on my systems some files are encrypted, my files extensions are changed to “.id[9AD7BFD9-2275].[checkcheck07@qq.com].Adame”. i can’t able open any of my files. then i checked startup items on task manager there is one ”.vbs” file is running then i disable the file and locate the path, it is on my user root folder with another one exe. i delete the both of the files and i search the file name on the registry and delete all related registry settings. and clear temp folder and %temp% folder

clear my startup items. mean while my  C drive 100% , D drive 30% and E drive 20% files are encrypted.

Then i search .ADAME extension on google i find out it is a Phobos Ransomware.

i try to find solution on  “NOMORERANSOM.ORG” but i can’t find any solution to recover the encrypted files. 

please help ASAP

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