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Paid Subscription...2nd Opinion Scanner?

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I am using Windows 10 on a desktop.

I am using Kaspersky Plus and I also have a paid subscription for HitManPro (I've been using both for years).  I am asked to soon renew my subscription for HitManPro and I'm not sure whether or not buy it again or not.   I know there are lots of free 2nd opinion scanners.  For the years I've been using both I don't remember HitManPro ever finding anything Kaspersky didn't find.  But still...I'm a bit wary of not rewewing it (perhaps only because I've been using it for so long, which is not a good reason for renewal).

Any and all comments will be appreciated.

Thank you again.


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@LICIL It sounds like you pretty much answered your own question. Kaspersky Plus in and of itself is wonderful protection, along with our common sense web surfing, email, etc habits. I do the same thing, just run the occasional 2nd opinion scan which hasn't found anything else, anything new, either.

Cheers 🙂

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