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Open Port:23 Telnet Warning

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Lately I have just started getting the warning in the Notification Center that there is an open port (23) on my smart.mesh router.
I have read the instructions 'how to fix' .....and have logged into my router but there is no facility anywhere to turn off any ports via the admin login on my router which is supplied by internet service provider in New Zealand.
GRC.com reports that this port is closed. I know I can 'ignore' the warning in the notification center, but I can't understand why I'm getting this warning at all?
Can I just safely ignore this as there is no way for me to close any ports in the router and I don't use Telnet or understand fully how one would use this specific port anyway.

Kaspersky Premium :
Windows 11 Pro : 23H2

Screenshot 2024-06-11 184614.png

Screenshot 2024-06-11 184940.png

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