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Offline Update Signature database of Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

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Dear Friends,

I need your attention to know how to offline update Kaspersky endpoint security client if the system is in Dark site. I didn't find the webpage to download the signature file manually.

Although I downloaded the Windows update utility but once initiate the UpdateUtility-Gui, I didn't find such version list in the console which I have.

Please guide us how to update the database for Kaspersky for offline client.


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Good day


if you have just downloaded the update utility (currently version 4.1) and do not see the products you need, then on the first screen, without giving any settings (without selecting products), just press the start button.



the system will access its databases on the servers of the Kaspersky Lab and download all the necessary information about products that can be updated.

after that you can find the versions you are interested in in the list

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