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Not Kaspersky related. My internet speed is bad, (max:25kb/s) and in my other devices, (300kb/s).


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Hello; I noticed that my internet speed is so bad on my computer and not on other devices on my phone or anohter pc is working perfectly it's only very slow on my pc.So i decided to test my internet bandwith with speedtest.net but it connect me to a diffrent location in UK or Russia and i went to another website to trace my ip same thing deffrent location and i don't have any VPN or Proxy program i even reinstalled my windows i formated my C drive but it didn't work even after pc reset i still have a bad internet connection (max:25kb/s) and in my other devices i have the correct bandwith (300kb/s). so please if you can help is it a virus or my ISP please help me
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