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Not Able To Watch Netflix After Connecting To Kaspersky VPN

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Okay I will take a premium VPN subscription soon. Any idea about this article, that might help me to solve this issue temporarily?

Hello @FranciscoRomaguera,

Thank you for posting back & the information.

  • Netflix has policies about VPN use - have you asked Netflix? 
  • Netflix also uses Geo-blocking. 
  • We use Kaspersky Premium VPN, we’ve never been able to access Netflix in any other country, using the VPN, we’ve tried all available remote access servers Kaspersky have made available, without success.  
  • Changing browsers has made no difference (for us), neither have any of the other ‘tips’ in the article. 
  • We can only access Netflix in our own country & for that we do not need the VPN. 
  • Read: Why is it impossible to open a website with Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection enabled?

Thank you🙏


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Hi all!

Netflix currently only works via a USA VPN server. There are technical problems with the UK server and Netflix may not work through it. We are working on it. Also note that the functionality is only available for premium users.

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