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New contract conditions


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First, I do not like the windows (new, unilateral, Kaspersky conditions) opening at start, DO NOT allow to open the interactive Kaspersky Total Security mask until you read (and accept/do not accept) the A4 -12 pages of conditions.

Frankly speaking I have some doubts to allowing a company to have full access to my privacy in depth – even if an anti-virus one –.

Second, where is it the guarantee that all the bulk of gathered information never will be used by Kasperky personnel against the USER? And in case this should happen, who does pay for the caused damage?

Unilateral conditions are not working. Unbalanced relationship [Provider of Service / User] leaves a lot of USER rights uncovered.

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Hello  @comm_K,


If you have any questions or comments regarding the processing of your personal information and Kaspersky Lab's privacy practices or if you would like Kaspersky to update information or preferences you provided to Kaspersky, please contact Kaspersky’s Data Protection Officer.

Note, additional, participating in Kaspersky Security Network is optional.

Thank you

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