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Need help with remote installation of Kaspersky appp

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If, I just install KAV server in my client network. The client delete the old KAV server by error!! 

So all the 12 computers already got a old agent and an old Endpoint Security.

So after the installation of the server, I move 4 connected local PC in the “managed device” then use the task created in the setup process to install Agent on these 4  computers. I deployment complete but in the list of computer the status is set to OK, but I got an exclamation mark on “Network Agent is installed” and “network agent is running” without any other information.  The only correct Agent installation are on the KAV server himself. I was hoping that the new agent detect the old Endpoint on the computer and ask for update!

So I try to push (with administrative credentials) the Enpoint 11.2 on these 4 clients. The Kav server install fast and correct, but the 3 other computer the task is stuck à 37% and nothing append. On the KAV server the Enpoint Security correctly install, but I got a warning telling me that the application is not activated. Weird because I check “use my licence information in the installation package”.

Any idea? Thanks sorry for my newbies question, I came from the ESET world and do not know Kaspersky.

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