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My facebook login page looked different

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I have been using an OpenVPN client and use 2 or 3 browsers depending upon the context. Today, I wanted to log into my facebook account but the login page was different. The url seems legit, and upon further inspection using "inspect element" I found the following websites "https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/v3/y......" which also seems legit facebook address used for "cross domain concerns" I have attached the respective image files for reference. But the thing is, if I try to access the same website from chrome I get the regular login page. I also noticed that when I log into my router a message,  " this website is not secure" pops up (by kaspersky). It also shows the old default ip address (images attached for better understanding). Is this a concern ? is my router targeted by a DNS attack which is redirecting websites ? I did login to the router and updated the firmware and reboot it, change the default login ip address, but this problem still appears. Any advice ?


P.S. I have posted the same question on bleeping computers website too.




Faceook login page
Facebook login page “inspect element”
Router login



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Hello @flashpoint,


Please tell us:

  1. Operating system version & build?
  2. KIS version & patch(x)? 
  3. Firefox version?
  4. Which Firefox privacy settings have been configured?
  5. Does the Facebook issue happen if OpenVpn is not used?
  6. Does the Facebook issue happen if Firefox private browser is used? 
  7. Which “other” browsers - name(s) & version(s)? 
  8. Is Kaspersky protection extension/addon installed & active in all Supported browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge Chromium & IE? 
  9. Is the same Facebook issue happening in Kaspersky Supported browsers: Edge Chromium & IE? 
  10. Regarding the router “name mismatch” certificate issue, may we have images of the certificate details please?
  11. Is the system date & time, in Bios correct? 
  12. Has the Hosts file been modified? 
  13. Has the router been factory reset? If “no”, before doing so 1. ensure the original router password is available, 2.shutdown the computer = power off, 3. physically disconnect the router from the computer, 4. perform the router reset, 5. power on computer, 6. ensure KIS is active, 7. physically connect router to computer, 8. recheck certificate name mismatch issue? 
  14. May we have the link to your Bleeping Computers post please? 

Please let us know?

Thank you🙏


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