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msedge, 'Prevented visiting a website...'

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kaspersky will not run with ms edge - no matter what i search for I  keep getting;

Prevented visiting a website that can initiate downloading unwanted programs

The website can download applications on your device without your knowledge or consent.

You were protected from visiting this website by Kaspersky security. You can close this window with no risk.

Hide details

Detected at: 28/02/2022 14:40:24

Web address: https://www.trovi.com/Results.aspx?CTID=SY1003343&searchsource=58&UM=8&D=020122&N=1000&q=pee

Blocked by: Web Anti-Virus

Reason: Probability of unauthorized software download

Detection method: Cloud Protection

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Open Kaspersky Total security and then go to Settings.
In Settings, explore the Protection column and then enable the switch named 'Anti-banner'
After selecting Anti-banner, you have to click on 'Configure Allow URLs'
Click on the 'Add' option.
You have to type the domain name or type the domain IP address of the website you are willing to
allow such as typing without the quotations, “domain name” or “”
From the Status menu bar, select ‘Active’
Call on the ‘Add’ option
Close the window on the screen.


J Wick

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