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MOMO payment error in Vietnam area


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1 hour ago, 59sdesign said:

Hi, this is the error I got when paying with MOMO in Vietnam area

Hello @59sdesign


  1. Does the same error repeat in all supported browsers: Edge & Firefox - as well as the Chrome browser you've shown? 
  2. IF Private Browsing is - Data collection is allowed - for shop.kaspersky.com.vn, Momo, does the Momo issue repeat (image @ the end of topic)?
  3. IF Anti-Banner - Banners on shop.kaspersky.com.vn, Momo, are allowed, does the Momo issue repeat (image @ the end of topic)?
  4. In KIS Reports, are there any events - that reflect the issues? 
  5. Contact support, on the support page, fill in an Email or Chat, then select Order and payment issues, Pricing, discounts, how to purchase, etc., template - provide a detailed history, include the video & a copy of the error, you've copied above; support may request logs traces & other data; they will guide you. 
  6. Include the current OS version & build & if there's installed Kaspersky software, the name, version & patch please? 
  • Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available?

    Thank you🙏


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