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Migrating Devices from one Worskpace to another Workspace

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I have 5 workspaces under my cloud console named after my company sites. 

Now devices have moved physically to other company sites. Now how do I move the computers from one workspace to the other workspaces. The devices are many such that I can’t redownload the installers and reinstall on these devices. 

also how do I push to install Endpoint security from the console when devices have only agents installed. 


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When using cloud, unfortunately there is no automation yet for changing the connection area, or remote installation of the solution on the device.

To change the region, it will be easier for you to remove the old installation (along with the administration agent) from the device, and install a new installation package from your new region (it will contain both the client and the agent). You can either download the finished package yourself or send a link to a person by mail (for example) so that he can independently install the solution on his device.





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