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Memuplay emulator download is deleted. [not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Win32.DealPly.gen]

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Hello everyone!
I have been using the Memuplay emulator for a long time, downloadable from the URL:ttps://www.memuplay.com. Unfortunately the download but after a few seconds the antivirus cancels it.
I could disable the antivirus and install it, but I would like to understand if there are particular reports on the Memu-Installer.exe file, downloadable from the Memuplay website.
I would like to understand why Kaspersky Antivirus does not allow this file to be downloaded and deletes it just after downloading. Do you have any information to give me, or can you advise me how to get support on this?

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I found the problem. I suspended KIS protection, downloaded the file (which was not deleted), clicked on the file and pressed "Virus Search" (with Kaspersky), KIS scanned and presented me with a report, always in Management activities (see post above).
The detected threat is:

I find more information on this AdWare, here: https://threats.kaspersky.com/en/threat/Adware.Win32.DealPly/


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  • Regarding Kaspersky Internet Security Report, open KIS, select More Tools, select Reports, select Details, select Detailed Reports, the time frames available are: 24hrs, 7days, 30days, Entire period → Reports can be exported and saved as text files.
  • Specifically for memuplay we’ve attached our test report. 
  • If you wish for Kaspersky to analyse memuplay, 1st, scan the exe using Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal, as we’ve shown in image 2 above; then raise a request to Kaspersky Technical Support → follow template at the end of our reply; zip the memuplay exe, name the zip archive infected, add a password to the zip archive, in the request, tell the Support team the password, include a full history, the KIS Report, images, and attach the password protected zip archive:



Thank you🙏


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