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Mac.Kaspersky Internet Security breaks all software except Mail and Browser

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When Kaspersky Internet Security is enabled, all applications except for my browser and email client break (they either notify the lack of an internet connection or keep “running into trouble” – e.g. MS Teams).

Any hints? Honestly, the setup is very poor, it should guide through such setup.

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1.What does help to resolve the issue:

Does Protection disabling help?

Or only Exit from KIS helps?

Or only uninstall of KIS helps?


2.Shutdown Mac completely (do not put it into sleep mode) and start Mac again. Does the issue occur in this case?

Then turn on sleep mode, then wake the device up, then retest the issue. Does the issue occur in this case?


3. Contact Tech support.


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Sorry for the incredibly long delay.

To remove the problem I need to disable protection AND reboot thereafter.


When I re-enable it, I’m back to the problem. I’ve now opened a support ticket.

Thank you much for your support!

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