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Mac, update_dyld_shared_cache trying to access webcam?


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why does Kaspersky often warn me about update_dyld_shared_cache trying to access webcam? I use a mac. I don’t know what this is and didn’t find much info on google either. Any ideas? Is it something to worry about?


Thank you!

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Hello @dovrha,

Welcome back!

  • ⛔ Kaspersky Security Cloud (KSC) should not be sending Webcam alerts for update_dyld_shared_cache
  1. Has KSC recently been updated? 
  2. Is the MAC fully updated?
  3. Has there been any other issues on the MAC recently, any logs collected (either automatically or manually) to transmit to Apple? 
  4. Is KSC subscription or free?

Please let us know?

Thank you🙏



What to do if Kaspersky Security Cloud for Mac functions incorrectly

Privacy Protection

The "Privacy" tab

Prevent applications from using the webcam

Blocking access to a web camera in Kaspersky Security Cloud for Mac

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