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Mac, Incomplete uninstallation of Kaspersky Security Cloud.


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Hello. I uninstalled Kaspersky from my MacOS but it seems like it hasn't been completely uninstalled. I'm researching for my blog post in which I test various antivirus. When I tried to install another antivirus, it gave me error that Kaspersky is still installed, and thus that new antivirus cannot be installed. Also, when I click the services dropdown in any file options, it still shows me the option to scan with Kaspersky even though I cannot scan because Kaspersky is fully uninstalled from my MacOS. But it seems like some traces are left. I don't have the license to re-install Kaspersky. Can you please help resolve this issue? I had Kaspersky Security Cloud installed and I'm planning to buy the Kaspersky internet security edition later down the line in a week. But first, I need to get rid of these trace marks from my system. Please see the attachment.

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Here it is. It also says f-secure because I installed it with the help of their support. During its installation, I was also getting the same error.

Apart from this error message which tells Kaspersky not letting other AVs to get installed as a sabotage, also look at that previous screenshot which shows “scan with Kaspersky” as if it is still present in the system.

I don’t think Kaspersky is interested in sabotaging their users’ desktops for their profit. But maybe it’s not correctly uninstalled. Can you confirm this? If yes, please tell the solution.

Thank you.

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