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Logs for file anti-virus: Object not processed, reason: size. KIS


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I installed this version clean while keeping the necessary data from the previous installation of version 20. Now I see that there are report events in the file anti-virus section for different .msi files that are present in the system or removable drives. I scanned one of them located on a removable drive, and the reports about it ceased, I had two of those events from different days when I plugged the drive in. The files are all safe, some are installers for programs like Evince, and some for things like Nvidia PhysX. In the system they are located in C:/Windows/Installer.

Should KIS be reporting these events if logging of all events is not enabled? I tried to find the setting that enables that but I couldn’t find it anymore, did it use to be in Settings/Reports and quarantine?

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