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logging into multiple gmail accounts

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I have multiple gmail accounts each with a different password.  At first had difficulty getting KPM to remember the different passwords (wanted to enter one for all accounts) but found a work around.  However now I’m having two problems, it’s not auto filling the password for the appropriate account (even though auto fill is turned on) and it won’t let me be logged into more than one account at a time.  With KPM I can have multiple accounts open in different tabs, with it enabled for gmail I have to log out of one account to access another.  For the moment have deleted all gmail accounts off KPM because that is just not efficient.  Does anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it?

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Hello @C.MacDougall,


  • 1 In KPM application, for the actual web address, make sure Auto-login is disabled.
  • 2 In KPM application, select Settings, Auto-save, auto-fill enabled - image 1
  • 3 In the browser, open Gmail, select the KPM browser extension - key icon - all available accounts will show - image 2
  • 4 In profile field, select green key, from the popup, select whichever account you wish to sign in with - image 3





  • 5 Then, from within the signed in Gmail account, select Add another account, the sign-in page opens again, in the profile field, select the green key (image 3), select whichever other account you wish to use - image 4 shows 3 different Gmail accounts - all signed in: 



Thank you🙏


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