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KSC Family with 10 licences : how many users ?


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I have a KSC Family licence (one year 10 licences). I want to be sure I understand the way it works. Do I get 10 licences for my own mykaspersky account ? How many users can I share my licence with (wife, kids...) ? How many devices each one can use with his own mykaspersky account ?


It’s not really clear. Let’s imagine we are 3 members using the same licence. Can I use my licence on 10 devices (laptop, smartphone….), my wife on 10 devices (her laptop, her smartphone...), my daughter on 10 devices (her laptop, her smartphone….) ? What are the limitations ?




Moderator note : @FREDO78  Same subject in the FR Section 

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Hello @FREDO78


1 (one) Kaspersky Security Cloud (KSC) license for 10 user accounts, including you & the software can be installed on 10 devices in total → that meet the KSC hardware & software requirements. 




Thank you🙏



KSC Windows hardware & software requirements

KSC Android hardware & software requirements

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