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KSC-Family license assignment


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our organisation is operating remotely on a full byod model. we provide users with access to microsoft365 and KIS.


the problem with KIS is that once the employee leaves, the activated KIS goes with the employee as well and we will have to purchase another copy for newcomers.


i have read up about KSC-Family, which operates on user account basis. does this mean that we can assign a license to an employee, revoke when they resign, and reassign it to a new employee?



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Hello @LiteBulb


Both KIS & KSC family are from Kaspersky Home software product range. 

Kaspersky Security Cloud – Family, you can share protection with your family members

How to revoke the subscription from a device

How to revoke the subscription from a user

You may wish to also look at Kaspersky Small Office Security, which is designed for commercial use: Small Office Security

Also, the Support for small business products team, may be able to assist you making the best choice for your needs, on the support page, select your location, then select from options available. 

Thank you🙏


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