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KRD disk corruption

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After booting KRD (the 2018 version i think) i got a communicate that warned me about the thing my Windows session is on hold, and proceeding may cause damage. Of course, i proceeded by clicking "x". After full scan, I've chose option " Clean all krd artifacts" and proceeded to boot windows. Now it runs chkdisk everytime i set it on, after scanning the drive on my own, Windows detected that it is damaged immediately, but chkdsk can't fix it. First time when it booted, it did something with "/?/Filesystem (something)" directory. I don't remember what, it was chkdsk at startup. I tried to boot krd back and chose the remove artifacts option to maybe fix the prob but it didn't change anything. To mention, I've never had Linux on my machine. 


Edit: sorry for bad english, I am not a native, also I am kinda in panic. 

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