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KPREMIUM 21.18beta - Opera and Edge VPN issues

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Problem of Opera VPN integrated in the browser is still in this 21.18 beta as in previous 21.17 final, weird it was working fine in 21.16 and in previous builds... also some users complained in 21.17 final that any VPN add-on in browsers are not working.




The only workaround is to create an Exclusion for the browser -> encrypted traffic.


Similar issues with VPN in browser Edge:


Standard 21.17 and edge VPN extension - Kaspersky/KSOS/VPN - Kaspersky Support Forum


Traces for Opera VPN browser:  https://mega.nz/file/dkQCUSDR#HjAhLD-Uc6h83J6EiGWW0m6ZmoWyn_GTt0iSZv--ZaY

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