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Kis trial period, is it possible to extend this time?

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Where can i find special promotions?
Kaspersky's software - "notifications", often promote "special promotions". Kaspersky websites. Possibly Kaspersky business partner websites (tbh - I haven't looked). Possibly Kaspersky Facebook (again, I haven't looked). Possibly Kaspersky Club (again, I haven't looked). Kaspersky advertises many "special promotions" that differ depending on the region, without knowing your region, example USA, UK, Russia, Brasil, Asia, it's very hard to know where to point you. An example - https://me-en.kaspersky.com/home-security/special-offers.
  1. Be extra careful buying from non-licensed merchants, often the same licence is sold multiple times, if there's an issue, the purchaser may find they're sharing a licence with "others", that situation presents many difficulties. Two things to remember - "you get what you pay for", & "if it looks to good to be true, it probably is", if it's really cheap, be suspicious/wary, read ALL terms and conditions.
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