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KIS to Total Security Activation Key

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I wanted to renew my license for KIS but my card is not being accepted, in fact the same problem as a user in Sweden

" Your payment could not be approved and the order has been cancelled. We confirm that your credit card has not been charged."

I am living in Bavaria at present. Kaspersky is not to be found in any shop either physical or online, however I found a copy of Total Security in a shop where they didn't even know they still had it.

Question : Can I use the Total Security Activation Key to extend my KIS or will I need to delete my KIS and install Total Security. 

I have been using Kaspersky for over 10 years and it has functioned perfectly all that time.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @steve33,

You can enter a so-called 'reserve code', which will automatically activate after the license expires. However, there have been rare reports that the actually reliable procedure did not work.

Since you are changing the product at the same time, I would personally enter the key only after the KIS license has expired. This way it is one process less (for the activation).

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