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KIS Software Updater does not have updated version numbers for Foxit. [Closed]

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Hello   @ptoye 


  1. KIS application, select ⚙ , select Manage Settings, select, Export Settings, save .cfg file, select Restore settings, run Application Settings Restore Wizard.
  2. Shutdown Computer using Full Shutdown, not Restart.
  3. Login, recheck issue?

If KIS Software Updater still reports: Foxit software version incorrect dates, raise a case with Kaspersky Lab Technical Support, include, GSI & Windows Logs, full description of issue: including history, all steps taken to resolve &  images. 

& please let us know the outcome?

Thank you. 

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Hello  @ptoye,

Thanks for posting back🙏

  • Selecting Restore Settings, initiates the Application Settings Restore Wizard.
  • In Kaspersky (Home) software, many of the application “Tools” are referred to as Wizards, another example is the Privacy Cleaner Wizard.
  • Also, is “Foxit version out of date” (according to KIS), still an issue? 

Please let me know?

Thank you

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Hi ptoye, also please include traces in your request to support. Collect them via this scenario:

- start product
- enable tracing
- restart PC
- open Kaspersky product window, go to More Tools -> Manage applications -> Software Updater -> click "Start search". 
- wait will the search completes. 
- start update of Foxit (if possible)
- stop tracing

Here is the instruction how to collect traces: https://support.kaspersky.com/14551


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  • Solution

I got good feedback from the technical team. Here it is, with irrelevant information deleted:

Dear customer,

Thank you for your email and the good reports!

I am sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your Kaspersky Software Updater. I will be happy to assist you.

Based on the GSI report, you have an old version (2018) of Kaspersky Internet Security installed. This may explain why the Software Update module did not perform the checks regularly.

Please proceed to install the latest 2020 version like so:


Please let me know if the installation of the 2020 version resolved the issue.

Kind Regards,




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