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KIS licences for 10 devices but unable to activate my wife android mobile (6th device)


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I have a one year subscription for 10 deices and had already activated 5 devices (4 windows 10 and my android mobile).

I have installed KIS on my wife’s android mobile (6th device) but I’m unable to activate it.

I tried to activate via my kasperky login but even if the device appeared, activation status is off

I tried by entering the activation code and I receive the quota activation reached !!

What can I do ?

sorry for my English, it’s far from my native language...

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Hello @jcg74


Unfortunately the Kaspersky Community cannot assist, we have no access to your private information.

Please follow the directions in: You have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for the entered activation code

Also, if you don’t mind sharing with us what you original language is we may have a section where you’d feel more comfortable communicating, although we think your English is just fine!!

Thank you🙏


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Thanks for help,

I’m french by the way.

I took some screen captures

  1. my subscriptions

    the third one has been automatically loaded when I installed KIS on wife’s mobile. When I click on KIS valid up to 12 dec 2022, I can see current devices

  2. Devices

    I can see here that my wife device has been added, but when I click on the free KIS automatically added, I can also see my wife device. If I removed the device there, It appears again after a while !

  3. When I click on SM-G960, I got this

    So It looks like a forever loop…

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@jcg74  You are welcome.


When a device is connecting to your network it gets automatically added to "Mes appareils"
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is indeed showing "Abonnement gratuit : Active"

Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support :
→ Contactez nous → Application → E-mail → Contacter le Support
Formulaire :
→ Système : Android
→ Applcation : Kaspersky Internet Security for Android
→ Type de demande → Activation et licence
→ Sujet de la demande → Autre
→ Contactez le support

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Hello @jcg74

Thank you for the information & the images👌  

Please try the following, directly from the KIS app, on the android phone, select GET PREMIUM FEATURES (image 1), select Activate premium version (image 2), the app should show ‘Connecting to MyKaspersky’ (image 3), then you should see a screen with the available subscription (image 4), by selecting the available subscription, the KIS app should synchronise with the MyKaspersky account






IF this procedure fails, the only option is to contact support

Thank you🙏


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Ton histoire est vraiment bizarre. De plus, comment se fait-il que les dates de validité ne soient pas les mêmes entre Safe Kids et KIS ? Perso, j’ai depuis décembre dernier un abonnement Kaspersky Security Cloud Family (1 an 10 appareils), les dates de validité sont les mêmes. Sinon, pour le support technique, n’hésite pas à les contacter dans ton cas. J’ai eu à le faire car j’ai un soucis avec Safe Kids qui ne me remonte pas toujours les activités de ma fille sur son android. J’ai eu qq au téléphone et ensuite j’ai eu un suivi par mail (toujours en cours). 

Je suis également Français.

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Oui, j’ai vu les différences après en jetant un oeil sur le descriptif des différentes formules. Pour rappel, j’ai KSC Family qui reprend la totalité des fonctions de KTS.


Yes, I saw the differences afterwards by taking a look at the description of the different products. As a reminder, I have KSC Family which takes over all the functions of KTS.

Thank you.

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