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KIS hangs for about 40 seconds every time I boot into Windows


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I've been experiencing this problem on Win7 x64 SP1 for a few weeks and I just discovered that it's caused by KIS

Every time I reboot, 5-10 secs after desktop appears, Windows becomes dead for 40 seconds. It does not respond to any keyboard or mouse commands.  I can still move the mouse around and see taskbar respond to mouse position but none of the apps work. 

During that ~40 seconds of sleep, it takes all the commands in buffer though. For ex; I run Windows File Explorer during the first 5-10 seconds of startup while it's still responsive. Then it goes dead... I try to drag-move the File Explorer window and it does nothing... After 40 secs passes, it moves the window. (this is not due to slow HDD or swap file etc...it's running on SSDs, and it used to be very fast and responsive a few weeks ago). This buffering also works for keyboard entries too..

Somehow KIS pauses the system for 40 secs on every boot after desktop appears. It does not happen when i PAUSE the protection.

Any ideas to fix this?

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  • The title was changed to KIS hangs for about 40 seconds every time I boot into Windows

Oh I have checked Windows Defender and it was active. ?!

I thought KIS have turned it off when I installed it years ago.

Is that a problem? KIS never warned me about any conflicts.

( BTW I can't change/disable Windows Defender. I get a "No such interface supported" error. )


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