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KIS crashes Chrome when using Check Point VPN

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Hello everyone.

I’m new to Kaspersky and I have this specific problem: when I connect to VPN via “Check Point Endpoint Security VPN” it instantly kills Chrome. No way to restart it. No way to end processes in task manager. Closing VPN didn’t restart Chrome anyway. The only solution is to restart computer. 

I have to use “Check Point Endpoint Security VPN” because of my job. It is the only allowed way how to connect to the company I’m working for.

Any ideas how to fix it? 

Thank you!

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Hi @tomasmedek , 


it instantly kills Chrome.

Can you clarify, what happens with Chrome? Any errors? Can you post a screenshot? Does it help to pause Kaspersky protection / exit Kaspersky? 

Please note, the list of applications incompatible with Kaspersky contains:

  • Check Point VPN - 98.60.9514
  • Check Point Endpoint Security




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