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KIS blocks acesss to router management page; nokia router (model G-140W-F) using


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Hi there,

I have installed  using KIS on my windows 10 pro pc.

When i am trying to access my nokia router (model G-140W-F)   using  it takes me to the login page and after successfull login it shows a empty router management page. Issue happens on all browsers.

I have tried to add the to list of exclusions in KIS but that does not help

I have tried to pause KIS and even that does not help

The only way i can successfully access  router’s management page is only if i uninstall KIS

The went through the below link,  it appears this thread talks about simialr issue with no resolution. I tried the suggestions mentioned in the same thread but that did not help me



Pls advice how to solve this issue

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