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KIS block chrome and my clash service completely

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Dear manager,

I have been using KIS for years and it is working beautifully until two days ago that i have encountered a serious problem with KIS, I have been using clash for windows as my proxy service app with chrome browser for years, and it has been working perfectly till recently that I think KIS could have blocked the network traffic completely after recent update, since both clash app and chrome stopped accessing  the internet anymore, I don’t know how to fix the issue. Since I have absolutely no problem for other apps can access internet in my windows laptop except chrome and clash. I tried to reset chrome, clear chrome cache and history,reset proxy server in network settings in chrome, reinstall chrome. Reset network / flushdns from cmd, none of the above action can solve the issue. Since I live in china, a heavily internet -censorship restricted country, I need to use  VPN to access google and other services for work.

You could refer to the attaché screenshot from clash client logs, please kindly help me. I tried to ask the proxy server providers but they have really bad customer services that I don’t think they have good technical support.

best regards




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hello, I was wondering how to handle the event where the report says it looks like a web threat to download something from a web address, that it may be a suspicious application, but result says unsolved or unhandled, the option for right click , are  “filter by value, copy , delete the filter”, I am a computer major, and I don’t even know what those jargon has anything to do in this scenario, the kaspaskey software is developed by computer geeks I guess, can someone explain to me .? What those action options do?

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The default option of Web AV module called now Safe Browsing, is Block the access:




So, no additional actions are needed:






Can You post a screen-shot of the detection?.


To access to the Reports, being in main GUI -> Home -> scroll down to Timeline, and click over any of the entries there, on the left then go to Safe Browsing, and there You can find all the Web detections.

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