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KIS Android Keeps Closing [Closed]

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I have 3 Android devices, 2 phones and a tablet and all 3 have the same issue. KIS works for a few days then closes itself with no warning or alert.Manually restarting works fine for another day or 2 then the same happens. Anyone else seeing the same or have a fix? It's strange that is the same on 3 devices all different manufacturers and different skins and all running the latest version of KIS and OS's up to date (2 Android 8 and 1 Android 9).
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Hello Skyracer,
  1. As well as the info from Richbuff, please read: https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-total-security-14/total-security-on-huawei-keeps-turning-itself-off-945#post4272, posted by IgsFi. It's logged under KTS, but was in fact for KISA, same issue as yours, with a solution as well, you may wish to try?
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Hello  @Nick Da Geek,

Thank you.


  1. How long has KISA been installed?
  2. Is KISA free or licensed? 
  3. Is this a new issue or has always existed?
  4. What is the KISA Auto-run setting? 
  5. Are any apps manually optimized?


May I have an images of:

  1. Optimise App on Screen Lock setting? 
  2. App Power Saver Manager setting?
  3. Deep Sleep setting? 
  4. App Timers setting?

Please post back?

Thank you

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