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KIS Android for new phone, If... this phone embedded by some malware


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Hello Guys. Want to buy new phone, (seems to be) sold in Europe - assuming on its website - but not sold "officially" in my country. Said that because, this phone sold on the market anyway without official warranty, yet with distributor's warranty. Assuming it's not official phone... If... this phone embedded by some malware or anything like that, would "KIS for Android" do the job? I have one already on my older phone.
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Hello Lvd, Welcome. KIS offers - protection against viruses and other malware - Scanner - Real-Time Protection ---- Any device should be prepared according to Kaspersky's documented recommendations: Please read these topics:
  1. About Kaspersky Internet Security for Android
  1. Hardware and software requirements
  1. What's new
  1. About scanning
  1. Known issues
https://help.kaspersky.com/KISA/MR23/en-US/71605.htm https://help.kaspersky.com/KISA/MR23/en-US/71790.htm Thanks.
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