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KIS 2020 software updates


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After updating Mozilla Thunderbird to 68.2.0 through KIS (, google chrome stopped responding and CCleaner 5.63.7540 as well. CCleaner works when starting the computer “before” opening “any” browser.

After installing the Thunderbird update I had to reboot to make it work which gave the above not responding incident.


I ran sfc/scannow : no integrity violation.


Reset chrome also in safe mode : did not help, re-installed several times : same result.  Chrome version 78.0.3904.70.


Uninstalled Mozilla Thunderbird and re-installed : the installation stopped when trying to create a desktop icon, tried again without installing the icon : nothing was installed. No explanation found on their site !


The system : windows 7 home premium 64-bit.
This does not happen on windows 10, then again no Mozilla Thunderbird installed.

I could get rid of Mozilla but don’t want to loose some important mails !


Can you guys come op with some solution ?

Thanks in advance.

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