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KIS 20 Says Google Chrome is Using my Webcam ... But It's Not [Solved][Closed]

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Hello  @Bukkdog,


(According to Kaspersky) Webcam Protection has been improved. The application now doesn't show a notification when a trusted system process attempts to access the webcam.

What to do?

(Other people) have “blocked” Google, by adding Chrome, when the alert appears, however, this issue is recurring, if you can take the time to raise a case with Kaspersky Lab Technical Support please?

The Lab will ask for images, GSI & Windows Logs & may ask for traces, they will guide you to help collecting these. 

Please let us know the outcome?

Thank you🙏

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After doing further research on this question, I have learned that there are many types of webcam implementation. Neither Kaspersky nor anyone else can anticipate them all.

I previously accused Kaspersky by saying that if the developers really wanted to fix this, they would. I now apologize for those words.

If anything, Kaspersky was trying to be helpful by offering webcam protection. Unfortunately, it’s a feature that neither Kaspersky nor anyone else can guarantee will work in every circumstance.

The best way to prevent a webcam from recording unauthorized video is with a sliding webcam cover. I’m still researching a method for preventing a webcam from recording unauthorized sound.

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Hello, @Bukkdog 

Whenever I launch Google Chrome 77, KIS 20 reports that Chrome is using my webcam.

If the home page of Chrome have an Adobe Flash object, This will maybe lead to this situation. Please check home page is default or change to any website or controlled by third-part browser plugin/addone.

In gernal, Adobe Flash object need initialize some access device permissions in order to ensure that related devices can be called immediately when used.


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