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KES Spamming MSI Files.

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We have a KES version installed in our Business environment and our Domain Controller is being spammed by KES with duplicate MSI files in C:\Windows\Installer.

I've noticed it's consuming about 2 GB each day and now the domain controller's system drive is running out of space. Till now KES has spammed the system drive with a ridiculous amount of 350 GBs and it keeps going.

This behaviors is invasive, could most probably crash business critical system and cause loss in business. I don't understand how come they release such a built, do they test their build before release? A product that is supposed to protect has become a threat itself. 

Their support engineers are extremely slow, they won't reply to a ticket before 2 days and when they do they ask us to follow standard and time consuming steps. Following their standard guidelines with communication time gap could lead to weeks of unresolved issues in my past experience. This is disappointing and damaging at the same time. 

If anyone here has experienced the same issue I'd request them to please suggest if it's harmful to delete these spam files and free up the space. It has slowed down the server and the backup time drastically as well as also increased our cloud DR storage cost. 

Please and Thank you! 


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