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Keeps failing to update KLAVA [Closed]

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I am running Kaspersky Internet Security on Windows 10 Home x64 Build 17134 (which is fully up to date with all updates). KIS has 351 days of license left (I recently renewed). On a daily basis the auto update fails at some point and it is always a failure to update KLAVA (whatever that is!). The problem occurred before I renewed but have waited until after renewal to see if that fixed the problem - it did not. I have tried the following which I have read about online, none of which have solved the problem:
  1. I have re-installed KIS (twice)
  2. I have turned off gaming and proxy server settings (I use neither)
  3. I have renamed the KLAVA folder to KLAVA.BAK
After the reinstallation and the KLAVA renaming the updating worked for a few hours then failed again. Turning off the gaming and proxy settings made no difference. After starting my PC each morning the updates initially work then fail at some point a few hours later having successfully performed some auto updates. After an update failure if I reboot then re-run the update that works - then it fails again a few hours later after successfully performed some auto updates. I cannot observe any patterns to this - for example how many auto updates work before a failure, or if the failure is at any particular time of day (it appears random). I am not doing anything out of the ordinary on my PC - just browsing (Firefox), emailing (AOL on Firefox), using Word/Excel and photo editing (Capture One Pro, Photoshop Elements etc.). I have been running Windows 10 for a couple of years so that has not changed - other than its automatic MS updates. So...
  1. Any suggestions about how to fix this would be appreciated
  2. If the KLAVA update fails does it mean my KIS database does not contain and use all the latest definitions etc. (i.e. I could actually ignore the failure) as the KLAVA folder seems to contain mainly log files of some sort?
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Welcome. KLAVA or Component error: Exit and re launch Kaspersky, instructions: https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-internet-security-13/error-updating-components-sw2-and-klava-database-update-failed-940#post6977 Any better after that? I see that you have tried several things to resolve this. If you can not resolve this issue by following the instructions in the link that I posted, please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/ Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request: a. Description of the issue. b. Screenshot, as needed. c. GSI
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Thanks for your suggestion. However, after a KLAVA update failure KIS will not restart after an exit. The only way to get it going again is to reboot then it automatically starts up and the updates work OK again...for a while. If there has not been a failure I can exit and restart KIS without any problems. Even if the exit-start action worked that would not solve the problem: ideally I want to cure the failure not work around it. I can only assume thet there is either a problem with KIS or something on my PC causing it. Looks like I am going to have to contact Tech Support. Only problem will be catching the failure as it happens at random times so is not repeatable!
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