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KEA 3.9 -> 3.1x: Upgrade procedure [Kaspersky Endpoint Agent]

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OS restart will be requested If you upgrading KEA above 3.11 version.


This article contains the best way of upgrading KEA 3.9 to the last KEA version avoiding possible known issues.


  • Disable Password-protection and Self-Defense in KEA policy, lock the settings. Ensure that policy is applied on all devices.
  • Upgrade KEA plug-in on the KSC side. Recreate KEA policy.
  • Prepare installation package:
     - copy KEA distributive to KSC;
     - copy KEA Core-patch into the same folder;
     - copy KEA3.9_upgrade_script.zip into the same folder;
     - modify the last part of the script specifying the correct patch name (optional). Uncomment the last string if you want to install the patch right after KEA installation:
  • Create an installation package on KSC
     image.png.f0ed935f4814ef1f4316ed67b930cf34.png   image.png.40b866df11d9a31ff3d0bc0ad1cf059e.png image.png.38131884001f0fd311abd151df094c42.png
  • Create and start "Install Application Remotely" task from KSC;
  • Wait for successful completion;
  • Enable Password-protection and Self-Defense in KEA policy after the upgrade is done.

Upgrade Script:KEA3.9_upgrade_script.zip

This scenario helps to avoid possible known issues with KEA 3.9 upgrade.

Rarely, even the script doesn't work.
The cause of it - KEA 3.9 Self-Defense. The files and services are marked for deletion but can't be deleted.
So, if the script doesn't help you - the only possible way to complete the upgrade, unfortunately, is the reboot.

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