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I am installing the KATA on a new VM and chose the Storage node and let the installation finish.
When I reached the signing-in part I don't know which credentials it needs, as I never had a window to configure a password or a username.
Does anybody know if there are any default credentials? Or what am I missing out?
Thanks in advance!

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During installation, you had to set a password for the admin account, and after the first launch, log in under it and pre-configure the solution (in terms of performance) If this stage is passed, then to enter Administrator mode, enter your credentials

login - Administrator

password - Administrator

Also, don’t forget to check the local login checkbox.

After logging in, you can change this password to the one you need






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Thank you,
Now I have faced another problem.
I have changed the hostname of the Kata machine, and now I can't seem to login to the system through the web ui.
I also tried resetting the Web administrator's password through the Kata, but it didn't work.
Is there a way to reset the admin SSo's password?

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