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Kaspersky\VPN\KSOS RC

Dmitriy Pisarets

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9 hours ago, harlan4096 said:

For now, I collected these ones, but changing section /ru-ru/ in the links, You can get the other country regions:



Doesn't seem like lt-lt (Lithuanian) works?
It is an updated on the official site though, even posted on the requirements as an official language.
Maybe it's a different syntax?
The „What's new“ page is also displayed in the languages.
„KSOS“ works, but not normal?

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Why hurry up? Rather wait and download from official website of kaspersky for your region thats it.
I had problems with RC last year.... So i rather wait for officiall release. Sometimes are more RC versions not only one.

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kaspersky standard blocked all vpn Extensions on all browser.

i test mostly vpn kaspersky blocked all . only vpn work when kaspersky disable.

Epic Encrypted Proxy

Free Avira Phantom VPN – Unblock Websites

Proxy SwitchyOmega  and .....

see this video


Kaspersky Standard

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