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Kaspersky update not working correctly


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I installed the latest version of Kaspersky free AV. The PC has W11 installed. Kaspersky AV updates are set to automatic. I noticed that for example in the evening I have an update from the morning of the same day. I watched it today and I still had the update from yesterday morning on the PC about half an hour after turning it on. So almost 24 hours old. Why is it so bad at updating and not updating right after I start the PC, for example? I don't want to set the updates to manual or set them after an hour. Is there any way to solve this? As I wrote, I don't want to manually check for updates, and I don't want to set them to update every hour, for example, because of inappropriate performance degradation of the PC when playing a game.

Thank you for advices.

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I'll check it out. Windows is working fine. Never even had any antivirus on them, except Windows Defender. Plus he has the problem on W10 and I have W11. 

Kaspersky eventually updates itself for me, but it takes a really long time. 

I feel like Kaspersky did it to me once before, which is why I switched to Avast and then to Defender.

I'm looking at this post and I don't understand it at all. Chrome is not translating it correctly.

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What time, 11:58?  It doesn't work properly though, because for about 30 hours I haven't changed the time on the icon. When I updated manually, the time on the icon changed immediately.

I manually added servers for updates, turned off disturbe mod, game, battery saver and nothing changed.

Could it also be that the antivirus is updated and just the time on the icon is wrong?

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