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Kaspersky Total Security subscription code declaration, without activation

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On my computer I use the protection application Kaspersky Internet Security (since 2004), given that I am completely satisfied.

I recently purchased a subscription to Kaspersky Total Security.

However, I will install on the same computer the Kaspersky Total Security application when my Kaspersky Internet Security subscription expires.

QUESTION: How can I ensure that my new code will be valid after a certain period of time?

Can I register it (without activating it) on the "My Kaspersky" website, and if so, how is this done?


Thank you

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I added the code to My Kaspersky portal. I haven't installed the KTS app yet.

But in My Kaspersky portal, it says "2 years protection, subscription expiration date 7-24-2024 KTS"

Why does it say an expiration date since you haven't installed KTS yet?

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I do not have KTS installed on any of my devices.

My subscription was also purchased today.

The auto-renew option should take effect upon installation of the KTS application.

I must have made a mistake to declare the subscription in "My Kaspersky" and it seems that I am losing 1 year and more. I was really upset about it.

Can I cancel the registration?

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Posted (edited)

Okay! I sent a message to support and am waiting...

Although I don't think they can fix my problem since the subscription was activated automatically.

I noticed that, after adding the password to My Kaspersky, kaspersky password manager in premium version, which I have installed on the pc, was automatically activated.

Of course, I didn't want that to happen.

I think it was my mistake to declare the membership for KTS.

I'm a simple user and I didn't know enough about the activation process, that's why I asked in the forum...

So I guess I lose my two year subscription as I don't need it now!

Unfortunately for me, mistakes pay accordingly!

Do you have any other idea?


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