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Kaspersky still scans in the background in S0 sleep mode, temperatures soaring


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My device: Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5 7840HS+32G, supports Windows Modern Standby S0 sleep mode

Kaspersky: KAV, all settings are Kaspersky default

What Happened?:

  • Yesterday at 23:31, I closed the computer screen and went into sleep mode, but it was still connected to the power supply. The Wi-Fi network was still connected since it is in S0 mode, but the fan turns off during sleep.
  • At 23:45 I opened the screen to check the computer time, but did not unlock the desktop, and immediately closed the screen lid again to go to sleep.
  • At 23:57 I unlocked and entered the desktop, and found that my laptop was massively hot, with the temperature reaching almost 60 C degrees, and I realized that it was Kaspersky that had been continuously scanning in the background during sleep, but the fan cooling wouldn't work during sleep, so the temperature spiked.

Kaspersky log: Background scan: started yesterday, 2023/10/12 23:32:05, ended yesterday, 2023/10/12 23:57:17 (25 minutes and 11 seconds), scanned 873763 objects 

Problem and Suggestion: Recent years many lightweight laptops and business laptops support S0 sleep, which allows the computer to continue to connect to the network and keep some software running while it sleeps, but Kaspersky shouldn't take advantage of this feature to perform background scanning even if the user is connected to the power supply during sleep.

This is because while the components are kept working during S0 sleep, the heat dissipating components like fans are stopped, and it can lead to crazy high temperatures if scanning continues in the background.


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Welcome to Kaspersky Community.


Try to migrate to the last version of new product line Kaspersky Standard 21.14:




Scroll up a bit and find K. Standard installer.


You may install overwriting current KAV, or do a clean install uninstalling previously KAV, then install K, Standard and activate with Your KAV license code.


Check is the issue is still there with the new version.


In the new version, check these settings:



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