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Kaspersky Security v11.0.1 para Windows Server (versión


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Hemos lanzado Kaspersky Security v11.0.1 para Windows Server (versión

En esta versión:

- Se actualizó la funcionalidad del programa: parámetros de autodefensa, reglas de zona de confianza y protección del tráfico.

- Optimización de la interfaz del programa.

- Errores corregidos en versiones anteriores.

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What's new

The new version of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server introduces the following capabilities:

  • Self-defense parameters: in the application settings, you can now enable or disable protection of application processes from external threats (the option is enabled by default). When the option is enabled, the application protects its own processes, as well as the processes of Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent, against interference from third-party processes. Protection of application processes can be configured via Application console, via Administration plug-in, and via Web plug-in.
  • Improvements to the Trusted Zone rules: now you can add exclusions for the Network Threat Protection task. Exclusions are set in the form of Trusted Zone rules with the "Network Threat Protection" checkbox selected. Application decisions that fall under the exclusions do not lead to blocking of hosts. Trusted Zone rules can be created via Application console, via Administration plug-in, and via Web plug-in.
  • Changes to the algorithm for applying Traffic Security rules: now you can set one denying Traffic Security rule for all websites by a mask (for example, 😉 and several allowing rules by a different mask to implement the scenario "deny access to all sites except the explicitly allowed".
  • Optimization of the Compact Diagnostic Interface: with password protection enabled, access to the "Troubleshooting" tab now requires a password. The rest of the tabs can still be accessed without entering a password.
  • Interface optimization: a new link was added to the main screen of the local Console to open the Trusted Zone settings window. There is also a separate node for the Exploit Prevention component in the Real-Time Server Protection section.
  • Bugs from the previous versions are fixed: the application includes the bug-fixes issued for the previous versions.





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