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Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, PC Cleaner? [MOVED]


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Dear Kaspersky Team,

                                       How’s things?,

Your new free antivirus is superb and a huge improvement and glad to have found it. I just now found your free version which is and would like to find your Kaspersky Beta Cleaner included as I noticed that program has been removed in 2020.I have moved over to your free antivirus even after another websites graph has shown that one of your rivals has done better than you but highly doubt this is the case. Also with my other installed antivirus which i had before moving onto to yours and noticed in 2021 I  was still very easily able to fully explore all infected files/programs once the allow button is pressed and already copped a computer completely wrecked by a trojan and then had to start again setting me back over 8 hours before all is back to normal. My installed Kaspersky free antivirus once an infected file/program is detected and noticed no matter which way I tried to explore that file it just wasn’t possible. It looks like you take computer security very seriously and haven’t ever slacked off by making a flawed antivirus which would of given you all a bad look after a security expert had declared all of the flaws online for all to read. So far not one nasty computer virus has gone through nor hackers if they even tried.. Whoever had said hurtful comments about Kaspersky certainly needs newer glasses as they made many errors in saying such a thing that yet i myself have found proof of.. I found it makes perfectly good sense in using your free antivirus and hope many other newer computer users agree with me and they will be much better off. Good luck in 2021..bye 

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