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Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free

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I have installed Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free on my computer, but it is unable to activate it, because the program is unavailable in my region. In the message that informs me of inability of activation of the program it is written that I can choose in My Kaspersky account this region, from whose Kaspersky's site division I have downloaded the program. What do they keep in mind? That I am in Estonia (region in which activation is not available) and still can, changing region settings in My Kaspersky, activate the program, or that instructions about changing region settings in My Kaspersky are meant only for those, who are in regions in which activation is available, but Kaspersky's site mistakenly detected their region as one of those, in which activation is unavailable? If the second is correct, I wish to remove the program from my computer. But it is unable because to remove Kaspersky products it is able only from programme interface, which is unavailable because the program is not activated.  

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