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My issue is that the Kaspersky Password Manager is not working when I tried clicking the icon in the main Kaspersky Antivirus control icon nor is there any shortcut icon for KPM itself appearing on the desktop. I tried reinstalling KPM several times but still showing the same problem on my Windows PC. Every time when I reinstall KPM and tried activating it again I keep getting the message "KPM is already installed" but it cannot open.  

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Not nearly enough info to try helping.  Once you've installed KPM, did you restart PC? What version of Windows are you using??  Since you've installed KPM, it SHOULD be visible through the Start Menu.

Is your license for KPM through Kaspersky Total Security anti virus (where KPM is bundled w AV), or seperately?  

Nobody is gonna try assisting if you don't bother doing a good report on your end.

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