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Kaspersky on a degoogled phone

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27 minutes ago, SammyT said:

Do Kaspersky Total Security and its different tools, such as VPN and password manager, work on a degoogled phone?

Hello @SammyT


  1. Kaspersky Total Security (for Android) is no longer available, it's been replaced by Kaspersky VPN & Anti-virus - this is available from Google Play Store & Huawei app store; https://www.kaspersky.com/vpn-secure-connection/vpn-for-android# suggests there's a Free Trial (for Android?) however, we think that it's for Windows, you may wish to investigate further... Kaspersky Password Manager is via GPS & HAS (same as the AV).
  2. Read: Kaspersky for Android, Hardware & software requirements

Thank you🙏

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